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M2S (Message to space)

Versión 1 (1.2.0) Beta...

M2S is an instant messaging application that lets you talk to your friends, share your location, write statements, create and / or join groups and share URLs.

The application is compatible with any device with internet, so you can communicate with your contacts without having a smartphone or install any application. But you can also download the application for Firefox OS, Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac or Linux.

This is not an instant messaging application either, but an idea: Be able to talk with everyone without having to enter your phone number, or having to buy a phone that supports this app. Also M2S is a free and independent of mobile operators.

terms of use M2S


Property WebsQS (J.Sors), this app was created by Jaume Segarra, M2s is a beta app, in the coming months will bring new versions and will create new features and solutions to bugs.


- Español
- English
- Català
- Italiano
- Français
- Portugués